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25 Jul 2016

A trade show provides an excellent forum to introduce your new products and your organization to completely new markets, while you also have the opportunity to reconnect with current customers. While you try to get recognition for your product range, you will be competing with companies that offer similar products. Look for a quality that is unique to your company or your products. This exclusive quality can form the basis of your promotional strategy and can make you stand out in the crowd.

You need to take many factors into consideration before setting up your display. The design, size, colors and other prominent features are some of the elements that will attract the visitors' attention. Some of the main features you should think about are:

· Create a display that is colorful and stands out in a very crowded hall.

· The booth should be sufficiently large to be noticeable from a distance.

· Include unique characteristics or design elements that differentiate it from other stalls.

· Display an audio or video component so that customers can hear it or see it from a distance.

· The perfect stall has to be visible, unique, entertaining and affordable.

Your brochure holders, banner stands, countertops and other trade show booth paraphernalia can differentiate you from the other booths. Pay special attention to the finer details such as, placing your counters correctly, having seating arrangements for clients who wish to carry out a detailed discussion, and placing your informational literature for convenient access. All these elements will communicate professionalism and efficiency, along with a feeling of regard for the clients and give you more info.

Make appropriate use of stand-up banners and pop-up banner stands. Design these display tools effectively by using innovative graphics, creative and concise tag lines and good quality printing to create an elegant and sophisticated look. Your displays can be placed strategically near the exhibition hall entrance, right next to your booth or even outside the hall, so that customers can be familiar with your brand even before they reach your display.

Design and display your business cards, informative literature and trade show giveaways at your trade show booth very prominently. Many potential clients might be attracted by the liveliness added to your booth by these items. Your giveaways will keep reminding your visitors about your company long after the trade show is over.

In a competitive trade show environment, exhibition booths will gain prominence only if you use special display items like swooper flags, feather flags, flag banners and additional lights. You can gain an edge over other competitors by getting help from professionals such as exhibition stand designers and contractors, who can provide numerous displays and ideas to make your booth unique. If you follow these tips, you will definitely get a good customer response at your next trade show.


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